Artist Saul Espinosa’s take on the world of NFTs

5 min readSep 2, 2022

Hello Cryptonovian,

We had the pleasure of interviewing Saul Espinosa, the artist behind Cryptonovae NFTs, about what he thinks, about his passion and the world of blockchain. Check out the artist 3.0 Saul Espinosa perspective in this exciting interview below:

How long have you been an artist? What is your field in art? “I have been an artist for most of my life. As a child, I just gravitated toward drawing, and I always felt like it was my true passion and calling. As I got older I ended up going to art school to pursue a career in the arts. At the time I was not sure what I wanted to specialize in but I was able to experiment and learn about many different fields. Eventually, I settled on a traditional illustration path which led to digital painting and concept art. This led me to a career in the film and entertainment industry working as a concept artist and matte painter. The matte painting background eventually led me down the 3d and environment artist path.”

How did you discover NFTs and what is your point of view on what it can bring to art?

“I have been an avid member of the crypto community for a very long time now. So, I first started hearing about it in a discord group I am a part of. That led me down the rabbit hole and I began to read more and more about the concept and how it could be used. In my opinion, it has a lot of potential to become a system of exchanging digital assets and tracking their authenticity. This extends well beyond the art community in my opinion. Though what I find great specifically to artists is this is now a way to support artists directly to allow them to create things they like to create. This fosters a community where people support others to do what they love and just create.”

Can you explain us the concept of your NFT project with Cryptonovae?

“I wanted to combine several of my passions into a series of work. I am a huge fan of sci-fi, and film. I also really liked the idea of making a collectible series. Each piece is themed after a pop-culture sci-fi reference and they each include a description of the planet relative to the sci-fi reference. I hope that some fans movies, video games, and sci-fi in general enjoy the small references hidden in the pieces. The ideas for each planet come from a wide variety of sources, some more obscure than others, ranging from old sci-fi movies from the 1960s to popular video games. I hope that there is a planet for everyone to enjoy and reminds them of a fun childhood memory.”

Do you have any crypto-currencies and what is your view on the crypto world?

“I own a few projects I personally like, and I hold them just as a form of long-term investment. I think Ethereum is one of the fundamental projects to own among other “blue-chip” crypto projects. That said I did sell a lot of the smaller projects when I saw the signs of the last bull run was coming to an end. When Bitcoin broke below the weekly 50 moving average it was a sign to me to begin applying my exit strategy.”

Do you also trade cryptos? If not, are you thinking of starting with the experience you had with Cryptonovae?

“I do in fact trade, not full-time I just swing trade longer-term moves, I don’t have the tenacity to stick to watching charts all day, especially in a 24hr market like Crypto is. I really like what Cryptonovae is doing and have thought for a very long time the crypto community needed a full trading desk platform like it. I am a big fan of TD Ameritrade’s ThinkOrSwim trading desk, and so I was very happy to see Cryptonovae moving in a similar direction for the cryptocurrency community.”

How do you see NFTs in the future in 10 or 20 years?

“I think we will see NFTs become something that occurs automatically behind the scenes for a lot of common things we do today. Not just for art, but inside of games where content creators make, trade or sell digital assets for example. I can see it also being used for verification of real-world assets and passing ownership between people, companies, and even through automated systems. I think we will be seeing this happen very quickly as the world of distributed ledger technology begins to permeate society.”

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