The $YAE Public Token Offering is Just Around the Corner, Here’s Everything You Need to Know

We just recently completed the private sale of 28,500,000 $YAE. The sale was vastly oversubscribed and blew our expectations out of proportion.

We believe that our Initial Public Token Offering on the DuckSTARTER platform will certainly be an overwhelming success given the mounting speculation around it. For this reason, we want to keep cryptocurrency enthusiasts informed as we prepare for the final sale of 1,500,000 $YAE before we go public.

The YAE public offering will be exclusive to DuckSTARTER users and according to the rules of the platform. Following a whitelisting period of five days between April 2nd-7th, the token offering will happen on the 9th of April.

We, Cryptonovae, and our incubator DuckDAO will soon provide further information on how anyone can get whitelisted for the sale. In the meantime, read through $YAE’s tokenomics here to get an idea about the fairness and benefits for our community and the long-term roadmap.

Please, keep an eye on our Telegram announcement channel and our Medium page for more information about the $YAE IDO.

It is worth noting that the official contract address for $YAE has not been released yet. All the details will be revealed soon by Cryptonovae and DuckDao. Until then, stay safe and do not fall for any scams.

About DuckDAO

DuckDAO is a community-based digital asset incubator that provides promising early-stage crypto startups with the expertise, financial resources, and marketing power needed to fast-track their progress on the path to success.

The firm aims to democratize access to investment opportunities that were previously available only to well-heeled investors and venture funds, opening up the closed ecosystem of early-stage crypto project investments to everybody.

About Cryptonovae

Cryptonovae is a secure all-in-one trading ecosystem that helps users manage digital assets across multiple exchanges, regardless if they are decentralized or centralized markets. It offers a sophisticated trading experience through advanced features, packed in an intuitive interface, making it useful for traders of all skill levels.

Within the ecosystem, users can tap into the collective trading knowledge and access automated trading systems, signals, and trading tools through third-party providers and fully integrated with Cryptonovae. The YAE token is a central piece of the ecosystem, providing users with transaction fee waivers and rewards.

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If you want to learn more about DuckDao, please go to

Investing in YAE tokens involves the risk of a partial or total loss of the investment. There can be no assurance as to the liquidity of the tokens acquired during the offer, the existence of a secondary market for such tokens, the value of the tokens acquired during the offer and the equivalent value of these tokens in foreign currency. The YAE tokens do not constitute financial instruments within the meaning of European regulations (MIFID) and do not confer any other rights than those described in our pitch deck and technical white paper. In addition, the regulatory framework applicable to the offer and to the tokens and the tax regime applicable to the holding of the tokens is not currently defined in certain jurisdictions.



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