Ledger and Cryptonovae to collaborate and make market overview fast and easy for cryptocurrency traders

4 min readNov 16, 2022
Cryptonovae partners with Ledger

The world of cryptocurrency trading is vast and our latest partnership with Ledger brings tremendous value to all cryptocurrency traders using our partner’s hardware wallets.

Today, Cryptonovae integrates its free “Lite” app into Ledger Live desktop making price discovery and market overview fast and easy for cryptocurrency traders. Users will be able to chart any cryptocurrency with tons of different indicators and customize it as they want. This is just the first step of a long-term collaboration that results in millions of users having easy access to price information and charts directly in the Ledger Live app for any centralized and decentralized exchanges Cryptonovae is connected with.

Browse centralized and decentralized trading pairs with Cryptonovae Lite

Cryptonovae’s Lite App in Ledger Live will allow you to chart, but be aware that the indicators that you added and the customization will be reset if you close the Ledger Live app. Download the full version of the app if you want to be able to access all the great functionalities of the software and be able to trade with it.

The partnership also includes the integration of $YAE as a supported token for the Ledger Live platform, as well as ongoing engagements to further improve the usability of the Lite app over time.

We made crypto charts access easy for Ledger users

J-F. Rocher, VP Transactions and Payments said “At Ledger, improving user experience in Web3 is our North Star. Through our collaboration with Cryptonovae, we are achieving just that, providing a better, richer and fully secure experience for all crypto traders using Ledger Live, our all-in-one digital asset management app..”

Mathieu Sicsic, CEO at Cryptonovae said “We’ve been working extremely hard to provide crypto traders with a consistent trading experience, and we feel humbled that one of the largest and most credible brand in Web3 recognized the quality of our work by integrating us into their product”

We are excited to partner with Ledger, the world’s leading secure gateway to Web3. Our ongoing partnership will make a difference in the lives of cryptocurrency traders.

If you are serious about cryptocurrency trading but don’t currently have a Ledger account and a Ledger device, we urge you to get one as soon as possible to onboard Web3 securely. Ledger products start at 79€ and provide ultimate security for your crypto assets. If you haven’t yet, today is more than ever the best time to purchase a Ledger cold wallet!

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About Ledger

Founded in 2014, Ledger is the global platform for digital assets and web3. Over 20% of the world’s crypto assets are secured through Ledger Nanos. Headquartered in Paris and Vierzon, with offices in London, New-York, Singapore and Portland, Ledger has a team of more than 700 professionals developing a variety of products and services to enable individuals and companies to securely buy, store, swap and manage crypto assets — including the Ledger hardware wallets line with more than 5 million units already sold in more than 180 countries.

Learn more about Ledger on their official website.

About Cryptonovae

Cryptonovae is an all-in-one trading ecosystem to manage digital assets across multiple centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. It provides users with a sophisticated trading experience through advanced charting features and trade management — intuitive, homogenous, and easy to use for traders at all experience levels.

With its integrated marketplace for automated trading systems, signals, and trading tools, Cryptonovae provides an all-encompassing and state-of-the-art trading experience. Its own utility token YAE serves as a central piece to the ecosystem, allowing users to engage with the ecosystem through its core function as native payment.

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Investing in YAE tokens involves the risk of a partial or total investment loss. There can be no assurance as to the liquidity of the tokens acquired during the offer, the existence of a secondary market for such tokens, the value of the tokens acquired during the offer, and the equivalent value of these tokens in foreign currency.

The YAE tokens do not constitute financial instruments within the meaning of European regulations (MiFID) and do not confer any other rights than those described in our pitch deck and technical white paper. In addition, the regulatory framework applicable to the offer and the tokens and the tax regime applicable to the holding of the tokens is not currently defined in certain jurisdictions.