Enter the Cryptonovae Monthly NFT Lottery

Cryptonovaeans, we know you love NFTs, and so do we! After the sheer success of our last NFT giveaway with the occasion of the YAE staking programs, we thought it’s about time to reward our strongest supporters again.

This time, we have no Themis & Pan staking pools, but we’ve been cooking an exciting concept.

Introducing the NFT Lottery

Every month, the one and only Saul Espinosa, will craft one stunning NFT that will be randomly awarded to 10 unique supporters who fulfill the selection criteria. His art is not only on par with the world’s most in-demand artists, but his unique take on creating a symbiose between technology and architecture is the perfect choice for Cryptonovae’s brand.

Participating Couldn’t Be Simpler

To have a chance at obtaining your very own Cryptonovae NFTs, make sure you:

  1. Create an account on our website.
  2. Connect your Web3 wallet (like Metamask) to prove you’re holding at least 250 YAE (both BEP20 and ERC20 are great).
  3. Join our cool Discord server, the go-to place for traders worldwide to discuss strategies, network in our special lounge, and chat about the newest moon coins.
  4. Use Discord Nitro to boost our server.

The lottery is monthly, with the first draw scheduled to take place on the 25th of October. Every month, we will select a total of ten winners: nine of these will have to fulfill all criteria, whereas one lucky winner will be picked even if they don’t boost the Discord server; of course, the other criteria still apply.

We Love Discord!

Just like you, as active traders, we’ve grown rather tired of pump & dump, active shilling, or plain low quality groups where having an engaging conversation is downright impossible. Our goal here is to transform our Discord server into the favourite place for traders to interact, carry out TA, exchange tips, talk about their Cryptonovae tools, and trade on their favourite exchanges.

We aim to have NO COMPROMISE on quality, a deed easily achievable with boosting the server. However, a group willing to attain the level we’re aiming for is possible with a tad bit of gatekeeping, with our VIP access conditions being open to anyone who’s serious about trading or willing to learn more. And who knows, you might end up collecting some stunning NFTs while you’re at it too!

As we’re getting closer to the launch, we’d like our community to gather around one main communication channel, where Cryptonovaeans worldwide may thrive. Discord is completely free, and boosting the server is not an entry condition, but it does sign you up for the lottery and unlocks special channels. The NFT lottery has been fully automated, from your Cryptonovae.com profile, all the way to the Discord server, where special support will also be available.

Let the NFT games begin!

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