Enter Hydora — November’s NFT Lottery Prize

Cryptonovaeans, time is indeed an illusion which flows by rather quickly. Sometimes it leads to fulfillment and joy, other times it leads to military dystopias and wars waged on against giant alien bugs on foreign planets.

At least this is what happened on Hydora — the water-filled planet where mankind was forced to adventure in their bid to stop the alien threat. Ideated within the popular Starship Troopers universe, Hydora is a refueling world where the giant Arachnid bio-mechanical vessels land to refuel and continue the interstellar transport of the Arachnid empire’s swarms.

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Hydora is the theme of the newest Saul Espinosa NFT featured in our monthly giveaway.

NFT Eligibility Reminder

Every month, we reward 10 of our most loyal supporters who fulfill the selection criteria.

To be eligible, you must hold an account on Cryptonovae, connect your wallet to prove you hold at least 250 YAE (BEP20/ERC20), join our awesome Discord server, and boost it via Discord Nitro.

One lucky winner will be selected even if they do not boost the server!

More details on Cryptonovae’s monthly NFT lottery are available on our Medium blog.

May the luckiest supporters win!

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