Cryptonovae partners with MEXC Global to list YAE

3 min readSep 21, 2022

Cryptonovae has been working to secure a MEXC Global listing for the native YAE token behind the scenes over these past few months. We are beyond excited to finally be able to share the news.

The YAE token will be available for trading to all 7+ million traders on MEXC Global starting at Noon UTC (12:00 PM) on 09/22/2022. Initially, deposits and withdrawals will be available only for the BSC blockchain. The listing will be followed by a Trade Mining event where traders share in an incredible 400,000 YAE prize pool!

The growth potential from this partnership is immense, so we are anticipating an increase in brand awareness and many users joining our community. The partnership goes both ways, so as soon as trading starts for YAE/USDT on MEXC Global, Cryptonovae’s users will be able to add MEXC to the list of connectors available through the platform.

To further celebrate this partnership, Cryptonovae offers all MEXC users a 2-month free subscription to use our trading app with their existing MEXC accounts!

If you don’t have a MEXC account yet, it’s now time to create one!
Signing up with the link above will make you eligible for a lifetime 10% rebate on all of your trading activity on MEXC.

MEXC is ranked 12th on Coinmarketcap and 15th on Coingecko. This is a significant partnership for Cryptonovae, which is building an alliance with one of the most influential exchanges in the industry!

Speaking about the partnership, MEXC Global Vice President Katherine Deng said: “Onboarding innovative projects that empower traders to do more falls in line with our ethos, and we are looking forward to seeing how Cryptonvoae’s YAE token will perform on the MEXC platform.”

The Cryptonovae team is hard at work, continuing to build out the best possible trading product and help traders experience crypto like never before! Make sure to join our Discord to be on top of the news from our team soon!

About MEXC Global

MEXC Global is a leading international digital asset exchange that provides services to more than 7 million users worldwide. The MEXC platform is a fast, safe, and effective trading platform that supports more than 1,100 cryptocurrencies.

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About Cryptonovae

Cryptonovae is an all-in-one trading ecosystem to manage digital assets across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. It provides users with a sophisticated trading experience through advanced charting features and trade management — intuitive, homogenous, and easy to use for traders at all experience levels.

With its integrated marketplace for automated trading systems, signals, and trading tools, Cryptonovae provides an all-encompassing and state-of-the-art trading experience. Its own utility token YAE serves as a central piece to the ecosystem, allowing users to engage with the ecosystem through its core function as native payment.

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Investing in YAE tokens involves the risk of a partial or total investment loss. There can be no assurance as to the liquidity of the tokens acquired during the offer, the existence of a secondary market for such tokens, the value of the tokens acquired during the offer, and the equivalent value of these tokens in foreign currency.

The YAE tokens do not constitute financial instruments within the meaning of European regulations (MiFID) and do not confer any other rights than those described in our pitch deck and technical white paper. In addition, the regulatory framework applicable to the offer and the tokens and the tax regime applicable to the holding of the tokens is not currently defined in certain jurisdictions.