Cryptonovae Gains Support from Genesis Block Ventures

Genesis Block Ventures (GBV) has become the latest blockchain venture capital firm to give Cryptonovae a vote of confidence. With a mission of building the future through blockchain technology, the full-service investment company announced it would support the development of our all-in-one trading platform.

GBV is known within the cryptocurrency industry for its dedicated efforts to invest in some of the most prominent blockchain startups and make sure that these projects achieve success through strategic partnerships and guidance. The firm understands what end-users need to help businesses find their niche based on community-focused feedback.

After acquiring OMG Network in early December 2020, GBV has continued to expand its reach throughout the crypto space. The main idea is to have a full stack of partnerships and a vibrant ecosystem that includes all aspects of blockchain technology such as cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), among others.

Over the years, GBV has added to its portfolio many renowned projects, including Tidal, DAO Maker, Konomi Network, Rage.Fan, and now Cryptonovae, to name a few.

“What has impressed us most about Cryptonovae, is their unique technology innovation and market positioning. It fully meets the needs of any trader, from the very beginner to the most seasoned veteran, through its advanced charting and trading tools and its integrated marketplace,” said Leslie from GBV.

Susanne Krone, Chief Marketing Office at Cryptonovae, believes that GBV’s investment will help further expand the opportunities in the cryptocurrency and DeFi space.

About Genesis Block Ventures

Genesis Block Ventures (GBV) is a full-service investment company closely working with Genesis Block HK, Asia’s leading digital asset over-the-counter (OTC) trading center.

This capital venture firm has a mission of building the future through blockchain technology. It is an active participant in the DeFi revolution and has grown a thriving network to form an effective ecosystem for all aspects of blockchain, crypto, and DeFi projects.

About Cryptonovae

Cryptonovae is a secure all-in-one trading ecosystem that helps users manage digital assets across multiple exchanges, regardless if they are decentralized or centralized markets. It offers a sophisticated trading experience through advanced features, packed in an intuitive interface, making it useful for traders of all skill levels.

Within the ecosystem, users can tap into the collective trading knowledge and access automated trading systems, signals, and trading tools through third party providers and fully integrated with Cryptonovae. The YAE token is a central piece of the ecosystem, providing users with transaction fee waivers and rewards.

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Investing in YAE tokens involves the risk of a partial or total loss of the investment. There can be no assurance as to the liquidity of the tokens acquired during the offer, the existence of a secondary market for such tokens, the value of the tokens acquired during the offer, and the equivalent value of these tokens in foreign currency. The YAE tokens do not constitute financial instruments within the meaning of European regulations (MIFID) and do not confer any other rights than those described in our pitch deck and technical white paper. In addition, the regulatory framework applicable to the offer and to the tokens and the tax regime applicable to the holding of the tokens is not currently defined in certain jurisdictions.

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