To stake or not to stake is no essential question we ever need to answer at Cryptonovae. To provide $YAE holders with through-the-roof APRs is a given and we are happy to announce new staking and farming programs on BSC with our partner Potluck Protocol.

Again, both programs will run for 1 month and have a lock-up of 2 hours.

Grab the chance and earn more YAEs with a new staking pool, which starts 13th of September, at 11:00 pm EST in Potluck Protocol’s observatory.

The math is simple, you stake your YAEs and earn YAEs with insane APR. …

Join Cryptonovae’s Susanne Krone on a “Rendez-Vous with Crypto”, a “tête-à-tête” with the industry’s most interesting minds and thought leaders, telling their mesmerizing stories and experiences in the world of finance, crypto, trading, and NFT art.

Enjoy a change of perspective as the show dives deep into the realms of the mental and behavioral aspects of finances and trading and explores the newest innovations in the crypto universe.

“Rendez-Vous with Crypto” is a weekly live event on Cryptonovae’s Discord server and will be available as a Podcast and Youtube Format.

Get to know the origins of Cryptonovae with founder and…

Cryptonovae is proud to announce having been selected to participate in this year’s EY “Entrepreneur of the Year France” as one of the best “Startup of the Year” of the region West (France).

The EY Entrepreneur of the Year is a global competition sponsored by EY to award outstanding and innovative entrepreneurship, which has a strong impact on its respective market. It is dedicated to honor and support entrepreneurs, who will help change the face of their industries.

Jean Dussetour, CFO of Cryptonovae on the award: “We all know the high quality of EY’s international consultant team. The fact that…

You ask and we deliver, is our credo at Cryptonovae. The demand for new YAE staking and farming programs in the past weeks was through the roof and we love to reward this dedication to us with some crazy APRs again.

Therefore we are excited to announce our new staking and liquidity farming programs with our partner Potluck Protocol. Both programs run for 1 month.

Because the guys from Potluck Protocol are big fans of ours, they already started a staking pool with $YAE tokens, which currently earns you their native $PTLKX token at a solid APR of 652,42%. If…

With crypto markets operating 24/7 at high volatility, it is essential to have safeguards and strategies in place that allow traders to effectively operate, set clear parameters, and outsmart market conditions. We at Cryptonovae constantly aim at uplifting trader’s performance and consequently one of our core features is the convenient implementation of automated trading strategies. Complimented by our marketplace that will offer a vast choice of thoroughly backtested products, Cryptonovae aspires to become the most integrated trading solution in the crypto field.

Therefore we are proud to announce a partnership with TruePNL, with whom we share the same vision —…

Whilst the Cryptonovae army of beta testers is actively pushing the barriers of trading performance, we’re carefully crafting user-centered solutions that enhance our current and future functionalities.

We’re now thrilled to announce that Cryptonovae has become an official member of Binance’s Broker Program, helping elevate customer experience via an end-to-end crypto service solution, fostered through ongoing collaboration. Binance has long been known as the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, but also as one of the most feature-rich, creating a close alignment between our core focus points.

Cryptonovae’s trading enthusiasts will leverage payment getaways, access to liquidity, wallet integrations…

After months of preparations, rising excitement and many sleepless nights for our developers, we are proud to announce, that we have gathered our army of 300 precious Beta testers and are ready to start testing.

The application phase closed Friday, 11th of June, by which we received more than 1200 applications and we are quite sad, we couldn’t give all of the applicants' licenses. The good news is though, the product launch is just around the corner, with a soft target of early autumn. …

The wait was long, but it was worth it. We are proud to finally announce the winners of the Cryptonovae airdrop in collaboration with CoinMarketcap.

Needless to say, the airdrop exceeded our wildest expectations with nearly 90k participants.

We picked our final 500 winners, who will each get 50 YAEs dropped to their BSC wallet addresses. The results are additionally published on the CoinMarketCap airdrop page. Please log into your CMC account for that.

We will drop the rewards today, 11th of June, at 10 pm UTC.

To learn more about Cryptonovae check out below and don’t forget to…

Again you can stake your YAE tokens via the below link for your share in the rewards. Be sure to get in early to farm the sweet high APY rewards and join the Ape Club!

The pool starts on, 10th of June, 10:00 pm UTC:

And there’s another good news. From now on, Tosdis has the auto-renewal feature which allows us to extend pools. As a result, you don’t have to move your tokens between contracts anymore!

Check out our crazy APY Numbers to trigger the Ape in you:

On a first impression, this story is about how Cryptonovae’s visual identity evolved from what it was to what it is now. But there is more to it than meets the eye and with all things Cryptonovae, there is reason and a story behind it.

The decision to rebrand was the logical conclusion after the lightspeed process the project went through in the past few months. From only a handful of passionate crypto nerds to a team of 20+ people, dozens of partnerships, a cross-chain token, and from an Alpha Version to the official launch of the ecosystem only a…


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